What Questions You must ask Before Renting a Condo?

There are tons of questions which need to be asked before going to a new rental condo. If you do not ask, then you can face the problems in future. So, you can make a list of your questions and clarify all the doubts in front of the landlords. You did not ask related to your rooms but need to ask related to your environment, kitchen, bathroom, township, neighborhood etc.


So, read the list here:

General Questions Need to Ask

  1. Rental Cost of the Condos
  2. Terms and conditions of Lease agreements
  3. Security deposit and How much
  4. Maintenance cost and parking facility
  5. Pet-friendly or not
  6. Environment and neighborhood
  7. Convince and security
  8. Policies for guests
  9. Any other fees need to deposit other than rental cost
  10. How Often Does Rent Go Up? By How Much?
  11. Read the behavior of your landlord, they must be respectable
  12. Check the passing traffic.
  13. Check the society must be clean and green

Society and Bedroom Related Questions

  1. Availability of elevators
  2. Check the windows drafty, roofs leakage, corners, balcony grills for all the comfort
  3. Number of bedrooms
  4. Size of the bedrooms to check all the household will get properly settled
  5. Check the doors, locks, tiles and floors properly
  6. Laundry facility
  7. Decoration and architecture
  8. Green atmosphere
  9. Spacious to get proper air and natural light

Bathroom Related Questions

  1. Availability of bathtub or just shower
  2. Check proper ventilation
  3. Availability of racks and shelf space
  4. Check the toilet seat
  5. Check the tap water and flush are working properly

Kitchen related questions

  1. Availability of gas or electric stove
  2. Check the sink
  3. Availability of microwave in the kitchen
  4. Working condition of dishwasher

Al these are the important questions you need to ask before renting a condo as this will protect you in future and will give you a happy and comfortable lifestyle.

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