Buyers Vs Renters for Condo


We frequently listen, especially from first-time purchasers that it is so clashing to choose whether to purchase or lease an apartment suite in Toronto. While over the long haul we prescribe purchasing over leasing, that isn’t generally the best choice for everybody. But to understand the dilemma best, you should always look at the clear data.

According to our prediction, a normal one-room set in Toronto rents for $3.33/sqft, which measures up to generally $1,966/month. The normal cost to purchase a one-room condominium in Toronto is $658/sqft, at an aggregate buy cost of $389,312.00.


You are confused which one is suitable for you.

Condo living for renters

  1. The normal 600 sqft unit is a sensibly measured one-room suite in a cutting edge condominium building. You’ll in all likelihood have an overhang or floor-to-roof windows with a perspective of the lake or the city horizon. Most modern condominiums include a washer and dryer in the unit, A/C and temperature controls, possibly some savvy home additional items. Moreover, you have a right to access to building amenities including fitness facility, party lounge, swimming pool etc.
  2. All of this will enclose in $1,966/month rent. There will once in a while be extra charges if you use parking space or building locker. All expenses are canvassed in your monthly rent. Most newly built condos, however, are not sheltered by rent control measures, which mean there is no maximum cap on an annual rent increase.

Condo Living for Buyers:

  1. When you are looking fo-+r buying a condo, you always prefer in a modern condo building as it is a big investment for you. You will pick the neighbourhood carefully; Condo must include the facilities like gym, concierge, social lounge, games room, maybe even a swimming pool.
  2. Suppose you’ve bought a normal one-room apartment suite at $658/sqft, an aggregate cost of $389,312, with a required initial instalment of $19,465, our monthly carrying cost would come out to $2,301.
  3. Similar to a monthly rental fee, an owner’s total monthly carrying cost includes all required cost like property taxes, condo fees and any repair or damages to the unit would have to be accounted for, as well.

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