CIRCL – New Solution of Renting

Relocating could be an annoying process. During our most recent rental experience, it would have been high-quality to keep in touch with my landlord straight, and make the approach more transparent. CIRCL is a brand new platform that streamlines the process and makes it simpler. Here, it’s a great opportunity to speak about the benefits of CIRCL.


What are the advantages of using CIRCL over another organization?

Transparent Process: Right now, there are no services or platforms available that streamline and make the application procedure straightforward. We have developed the technology that shows the transparency between tenant and landlords. They can directly contact each other and moreover, this platform is free to use.

Verified Profiles: Here, before listing any property or finding an apartment, tenants and landlords must verify their profiles. So, you can save your time and directly contact with the person who has good credit score and has all the documents. You can protect yourself from fake peoples.

Opportunity to find a Job: Available renting platforms serves only properties, lands and apartments, but CIRCL offers the job opportunity also in Home repairs and maintenance.

Screen Tenants: Forget to walk for meeting with tenant and judge the behaviour. With our online application, you can check the history of the tenants or screen your tenants and select the best fit for you.

Messaging Feature: CIRCL has an amazing feature of chat and message in which tenants and landlords chat and it’s a golden chance to know more about each other. It is a simple process that builds a relationship of trust.

Management Platform: CIRCL is a one stop shop to keep things simple and straightforward. Here, you can manage taxes, renting amount, utility cost and monthly mortgage amount from our management platform and keep your finances track in a simpler way.

Optimize for Mobile Users: This is the best platform that offers the services over phone where you can access all our features from the convenience of your phone.

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