Top 8 Poorest Things about Renting

There is always a discussion on the topic like Owning Vs Renting. Yes, everybody has own thoughts but there are lots of bad things about renting which I am just sharing with you guys.52

1. You cannot put your own mark

Tenants cannot do anything in rental homes such as they cannot do paint of their own choice, cannot place any decorated items and there are other approaches to infuse their own style into a space but they cannot do. Moreover, tenant knows that nothing says “this is mine” quite like a monogram.

  1. Rental kitchens simply suck

Kitchen plays an important role in providing a comfort zone. Kitchen left something like style, space, cabinets, proper sink that are desired. But sometimes, sink blockage, small cabinets, big trays and a little paint can battle a lot of bad kitchen problems.

  1. Rental Washroom Suck

Sometimes bathroom has bad tiles, small in space, less storage space, not available of bathtub, taps and showers thereby tenants take bad experience with these types of bathrooms. But tenant cannot do anything.

  1. White walls are Exhausting:

All the tenants have their own choice and styles. Some tenants love simple colour in designing the rental homes but some likes colorful accessories and lots of lights or decoration. But if it is not according to the tenant’s choice, they feels boring or exhausting.

  1. Rental Appliances are not proper functioning and lack of latest models

The landlord does not upgrade rental appliances each time a new model comes out, and tenants left with a terrible fridge, washing machine and dishwasher.

  1. Lack of enough space and light

Sometimes, the space and light are not quite enough for what you require. But tenant cannot do anything and they have adjust at any how in that place if they have tight on budget.

  1. Not Enough Outdoor Space and Balconies:

Tenants cannot enjoy dining outdoors or growing a garden. So, tenants even cannot think to renovate or enjoy the beautiful atmosphere.

  1. Not Enough Storage Space:

Rental units are known to lack in storage, but you make do with what you have. There is no other options for the tenants.


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