Reasons Not to Sell Your Property When You Retire and Rent Instead


After retirement, people have many questions in their mind. What will your life look like once you retire? Visit grandchildren more often? Do you plan to travel? The retirement is something you do more on paper because you still plan to work.

Sensibly there are many reasons, why renting may be a better option after the retirement. The maintenance of the property is very expensive and hard to do as people get older. In some cases, the owner takes all the responsibility of maintenance like plumbing, kitchen appliances etc. But in others the owner gives all these responsibilities to the renter. The best option is to instead of selling your property, rent out your apartments and enjoy the interest.

Here are some of the benefits of Renting out your property when you retire:

You Can Tap your Home Equity:

While selling your property you can use the funds to boost your retirement capital and for investment purpose. Also if you sell out your property, you don’t need to pay property taxes and other utilities.

The Home Maintenance is outsourced:

The owner of rental properties takes all the responsibility for the maintenance. This includes the lawns, gardens, painting and repairing of the property. If something goes wrong, you can call your property agent. The rental services company takes all the responsibility of property.

Facilitates and Early Move to a Smaller Dwelling with Less Burden:

Once the children move out of the family home, maybe that’s property is too large for a husband and wife. Most of the people didn’t sell the property and stay in that home, which is too big for them. This can be very expensive for a retired person. The smaller property is much easier and cheaper to maintain.

Reduce Your Living Cost and Improve Your Quality of Life:

It can be stressful for you to deal with the big home or house. You could sell your family home and buy a smaller apartment. For some people, It may be bit expensive to buy a rental apartment in a trendy part of the town in that case you should take a flat or a room on rent. You may want to rent homes nearby the transport with other facilities.

CIRCL is the most reputed online platform for rental apartments or property listing which offers services for all your rental management needs: alerts about similar rental properties, instant mobile notifications.


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