Reducing Household Plastic in Your Ottawa Rental

Now a day’s, reducing household plastic is becoming a popular trend around all residents of Ottawa rental houses. That is why the people of Ottawa are learning how to reduce the use of plastic at home. Plastic, for all of its convenience, wreaks havoc with the environment considering that it is made from oil. Also, there are other toxic wastes that escape certain types of plastic. For this reason, harmful substances are increasing.  If you are ready for the challenge to live without plastic in your rental house in Ottawa, here are some tips to reduce the use of plastic. They are: reduce, reuse and recycle.


Reduce:  The people of Ottawa have to try not to purchase any new plastic items. There are some products in plastic which are very necessary for people such as- contact lens solution, clumping kitty litter and garbage bags. When we come at food packaged in plastic, there have other options.

Reuse:  find the different ways to use plastic container for many times. There are some products that are made from plastic, you can take out these products such as: food container and plastic condiments bottles. Be careful with some plastic products like PVC, PVC is not safe to reuse.

Recycle:  if you are not capable of reusing the plastic, then you can take that plastic to the recycling center. There are some plastic that can degrade after recycling, so recycling is not the best solution for the pollution problem.

Here are some another ways you can do. You may use mason jars or spaghetti sauce jars to store bulk food item like nuts, rice, and dried beans.  If you concern about breaking glass in the kitchen, so you can use stainless steel containers.

There you will have it. With a pragmatic strategy and some realistic changes, that you can make a difference. Now spread the word amongst your neighbors who live in Ottawa rental apartment!

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