What Important Things Need to be done by a landlord before a tenant moves in?

It is not secret that the good tenant are those who pay the rent on time but the most important is the how they maintain the rental property and you want them for a long time. But, what you need to do when such good tenants move out. There are some secrets you need to follow to impress the tenants and remove the stress of finding a new tenant. Below are the important checklist items that you need to follow before new tenants move in:Search-Rental-Property-In-Canada.png

  1. Safety of Tenants:

Tenants always look for safety and security for their living. So, it is a duty of Landlord to provide a safe environment where people feels safe. Proper security using CCTV Camera, human security and intercom facility helps you to keep the tenant for long term.

  1. Cleanliness of the property:

If you are planning to rent out the property ensure that the tub, toilet, kitchen and room must be cleaned. Make sure, you have to clean all the dust and debris to attract the tenants.

  1. Plumbing and Electric Work:

You need to check all the utilities are working properly. Moreover, need to check the switches, lights and electronic items are working properly or not. If they are not in good condition, fix it as soon as possible. These simple fixtures certainly assist tenants in leading a quality life.

  1. Decorate Rental home with Flowerpots and Plants:

Whether it is a rental lofts or apartment or condo, you need to decorate the property with arranging or placing the flowerpot and plants in balconies and outside the home by which tenant feels the eco-friendly environment and people love to live in green and clean environment.

  1. Collect Security Deposit:

This is the important part of tenant agreement in which you need to collect the security from your tenant before they move in. If you delay, you are putting yourself at risk.

  1. Build Connects with your Tenant:

You should always be connected with your tenants through phone, e-mail and messages, so that tenant can predict you as a caring landlord and this habit can impress the tenant.




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