How to market your rental property – 5 ways

The process of renting the property is the emotional, tiring and tedious task. The perspective tenant need to be able to find you. So, it is important to advertise your rental property in a variety of places, so that you can find your tenant easily and quickly. There are lots of advertisement methods that will be helpful.finding-your-perfect-rental-home-in-torontoUse of Rental Website:

The internet is a great way to reach millions of people and finish the target. You can list your property in every location from domestic market to the international market. There are many websites such as, CIRCL that offers you a post free listing, which can be seen from anywhere. Internet delivers varieties of options such as if you are looking to advertise in a particular city, then you can do an online search to find a site that targets your particular area.

Advertise on Social Media Website:      

Now a days, millions of people are using social media website such a Facebook, twitter, google Plus, Instagram. So, if you have an account, you should create a page and share with your friends. Moreover, you can post a status by showing the apartment’s pictures, prizes and facilities or send out a tweet to your follower. You can make an interesting title like “Looking an Apartment for rent” and post it to the social media website.

Advertise on Newspaper:

Many people look newspaper to see the rental properties. So, the landlord should advertise the property on the weekend as this is the best time in which newspaper see the most traffic. List your property outstanding by using abbreviations like bedroom (BR), washer dryer (BR), kitchen and other facilities. Placing an ad will cost you money but it is another way to exposure the property.

List your property in the real estate Agencies

You can use the real estate services that charge a commission of about one month. So, you can go various realtors and choose that suits you best.

Place a ‘’for rent” board in front of Gate or Window:

You can also reach the tenant by placing the board that contains “for rent” word. A passerby may show their interest also and can give you the tenant. Moreover, mention the phone number also, so that people can see the number and can directly contact you.


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