What Questions You must ask Before Renting a Condo?

There are tons of questions which need to be asked before going to a new rental condo. If you do not ask, then you can face the problems in future. So, you can make a list of your questions and clarify all the doubts in front of the landlords. You did not ask related to your rooms but need to ask related to your environment, kitchen, bathroom, township, neighborhood etc.


So, read the list here:

General Questions Need to Ask

  1. Rental Cost of the Condos
  2. Terms and conditions of Lease agreements
  3. Security deposit and How much
  4. Maintenance cost and parking facility
  5. Pet-friendly or not
  6. Environment and neighborhood
  7. Convince and security
  8. Policies for guests
  9. Any other fees need to deposit other than rental cost
  10. How Often Does Rent Go Up? By How Much?
  11. Read the behavior of your landlord, they must be respectable
  12. Check the passing traffic.
  13. Check the society must be clean and green

Society and Bedroom Related Questions

  1. Availability of elevators
  2. Check the windows drafty, roofs leakage, corners, balcony grills for all the comfort
  3. Number of bedrooms
  4. Size of the bedrooms to check all the household will get properly settled
  5. Check the doors, locks, tiles and floors properly
  6. Laundry facility
  7. Decoration and architecture
  8. Green atmosphere
  9. Spacious to get proper air and natural light

Bathroom Related Questions

  1. Availability of bathtub or just shower
  2. Check proper ventilation
  3. Availability of racks and shelf space
  4. Check the toilet seat
  5. Check the tap water and flush are working properly

Kitchen related questions

  1. Availability of gas or electric stove
  2. Check the sink
  3. Availability of microwave in the kitchen
  4. Working condition of dishwasher

Al these are the important questions you need to ask before renting a condo as this will protect you in future and will give you a happy and comfortable lifestyle.

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Make Your Holidays Wonderful Experience with Luxury Rental Villas

Vacations are all about spending a great time with family and friends in a lovely place, taking a break from a stressful and hectic daily life. Some people just don’t go for vacations due to some money reason. If you are planning a vacation with your family and friends. The best way to deal with this situation is that you can search for the rental services company who will provide you a luxury villa that is big enough for your entire group within a limited budget.

When you go on holiday, your desire is to feel relaxed and spend some quality time with your family and friends. The rental company can provide you the rental accommodations with excellent facilities and in your estimated budget.

There are lots of lavish villas and lofts for rent in Canada. They provide you airy, comfortable and luxury stay with all the facilities. If you are looking for a Beachfront rental villa, the rental companies provide you that villa.


Here are some reasons, why a villa might be a better vacation option:

  1. Location:

Mostly the villas are located in beautiful locations, such as ocean view, beachfront or even on private islands. Villas are usually designed to maximize the outlook with common areas.

  1. Luxury:

There are so many luxury villas in the market. The villas continually invest in the quality of the furniture and fixtures to provide a level of luxury. Most villas are extremely comfortable.

  1. Facilities:

Nowadays, most of the villas provide these facilities such as cable TV, free WiFi, DVD players, iPod docks and fully equipped kitchens.

  1. Food:

The villas provide a poolside BBQ with enough lobster, prawns, and fish to feed a small army and the cost of entire food is less than a 5-star resort.

  1. Price and services:

If you are going with a large family or group of friends, a villa will work out significantly cheaper that a resort and no more waiting on room service.

  1. Security:

Many villas offer a high level of security. Where all Villas will have in-room safes, leaving your laptop, sunglasses, iPod or wallet around the villa is usually not a problem.

In the comparison to resorts, the villas provide better services. CIRCL is one of the reputed rental property company which provides a better option in finding villas for a vacation.

5 Factors Considering While Selecting Conference Meeting Room


The conference room is a place where the presentations and discussions are easily conducted. The conference room is specially designed to conduct various seminars or events. The conference rooms are fully equipped with all new features and technologies to make the meeting successful.

Nowadays, every company tries to construct its own conference room. It makes easy for them to conduct various events like seminars, meetings, and training sessions within the complex of the company.

The latest technologies in the meeting room can help you deliver impressive lectures or presentations with the help of high-tech audio and visual aids. If you are planning to take meeting rooms for rent then you must ensure that there should be sufficient availability of space.

The selection of conference room is based on the practical elements of meeting rooms with good facilities. The element includes high-speed internet, LCD projectors, seating arrangements, screens, computers, whiteboards, markers, conference tables, and staging etc.

Here are some factors that help in selection conference meeting room:


The location is one of the most important factors when choosing a perfect meeting venue. The meeting location should be convenient for all the persons who are willing to attend the meeting, and it should be easy for transport link or free parking space.

Meeting Room Capacity

The capacity or size of the meeting room does matter. The size of meeting room should be decided by meeting planner. The meeting room must be decided by how many people will come for a meeting that enhances the clarity of thought and ideas.

Professional Highly furniture

The arrangement of professional furniture and customized seating facility with suitable table designs make the space completely functional. The conference team must inspect the furniture properly and make sure they provide the perfect seating facility.

Meeting rooms occupying good facilities

The design of the conference room should be multi-functional and all designs should be facilitated according to varied occupational needs and requirements.

Presence of latest equipment

The latest equipment in the conference room will increase the ability of the business activity. A number of businesses tasks depend on the presence of hi-tech equipment like projectors, internet connections, visual aids, screens and so on.

Hope these factors will help you keep your attendees informed with up-to-date information about the event and to make the event run more smoothly.

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Rules and Agreements to Consider When Renting a Room

As the rental industry is gradually increasing, it is becoming tough to find the genuine tenants. Therefore, being the landlord it is necessary to set up some rules or agreements for your tenants when renting out a house or a room. This agreement is also known as a “lease”. The lease is just one of the forms of rental agreement.

Rental agreements are signed between the landlord and tenant when a tenant is renting an accommodation. In-room rental agreement various things are included, when rent is due who is responsible for this, about maintenance of property and so on. Other things included in the agreement are providing space for parking, pets or smoking zone, shoveling snow and cutting grass.


In many cases, the landlord demands the written agreement must be signed by both parties. This written agreement is often a lease form provided. Keep these things in mind when you go for room rental agreement, these things are as follows:

  1. The mane of tenant and landlord
  2. The address of the rental room
  3. The amount of monthly rent
  4. When the rent is due e.g. on the first day of each month.

There are some rules and agreements discussed below:

Verbal Lease Tenancy:

There are different types of tenancy depending on the agreement between the landlord and tenant. This agreement renews every month. The verbal lease agreement is good for one month and renews for another month each time you pay your rent.

Terminating Tenancy:

The state law treats verbal agreement like short-term, renewable agreement, each agreement can be terminated at the end of the lease period. In a verbal agreement, both the parties can terminate the agreement with only a month’s notice if the rent is paid monthly and he can move anywhere. That agreement suitable for both parties, the landlord may not have to follow any eviction procedures and its saves his time and money.

Verbal lease agreements are mandatory to both landlord and tenant even though they are not in writing. The tenants and landlords have the obligations and rights prescribed by state laws in the lease agreement. Through these laws, the state provides some legal requirements, in how much time a landlord will return the security deposit.

Roommate Agreements:

If you are the roommate of renter then your legal rights may differ. The roommates do not have to enter into formal written agreements. The verbal agreement is done between roommates about how to split the rent.

These rules and agreements help minimize the conflicts develop between the landlord and tenant.

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Tips for Making Your Rental Property Stand Out from the Pack


As the number of guests choosing homes over a hotel, the condition of rental industry is becoming quite tough with so many competitors in the market. Property owners are constantly fighting to get the attention of tenants.

There are many rental service provider company in the rental market. The tenants have many choices of homes in the rental market. The responsibility of the landlord is to ensure that their home stands out to prospective renters. If the quality of your rental property is not good enough you may lose your prospective renter.

A consistently occupied rental property can increase your bank account, but one that’s vacant for even a few months can rapidly destroy your savings. The landlord might be wondering about the best ways to make your property stand out from the sea of listings and attract the right tenant for you.

Here are some tips for making your rental property stand out:


Clean and maintain the home:

The Quality of rental property is one of the important aspects to attract tenants. So it is necessary to always repair and maintain your rental home. Before renting the property, the landlord makes sure about the home is clean, well maintained from tip –toe. If you provide a dirty property, the tenant will not be interested in taking it.


The tenants always want rental property in urban areas, in popular neighborhoods or nearby key landmarks. Including nearby conveniences, such as a public school, transport hub, hospital and so on.  If the tenant is a student then he wants to take a room nearby school or colleges. Using the specific name of the neighborhood or nearest convenience will bring your ad to the top in an online search.

Professional photographs:

The professional photographs will increase the quality of your property. The advertisement of your property through attractive photographs is the best way to attract clients. Make sure the photographs must give the real look of your property so that it will be easier for tenants to shortlist the property.

Price it well:

By taking the market idea, what prices going in the market will help you pricing your own property. Make sure the price of the rental property is not more or less than to market price. You can also offer a discount to your tenant for the first week of tenancy or one month discount in each year, such as at the end of a year.

Accurate, clear descriptions:

Be transparent with your tenants in the description that you put in the advertisements. Including all the details about how many rooms in your house, cost of the house, and features of the house.

Hope this article help you make your property stand out in the crowd and will get you some good long term tenants.

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